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    I purchsed a treo 650 from ebay which was cingular branded but was unlocked later. Here are a list of my problems:

    1. Treo freezes during calls and have to turn the phone off and then on again to fix the problem.

    2 I want to update my firmware but I am using the phone in pakistan and was told by palm people that if i update my software, the treo would become locked again. So is there anyway i can update my treo software without locking it.

    3 Cannot type message more than 160 character although my cellular company supports 256 characters.

    I will appreciate any help. thanx
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    1- Try updating the phone to a newer firmware and use something like crash pro and press #*377 after every crash to get the details on the crash. Monitor all third party apps, espcially verichat and volumecare!

    2- NO that is not true. once you unlock your phone with the magical 8 digits it will never become locked again.

    3- I duno about this one. maybe someone has an answer for you.
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    How did you get your phone unlocked?
    Do you have any 3rd party software installed? Can you list them? Does your phone work properly without any of the 3rd party software installed?
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    I bought it unlocked from the ebay....are you absolutely sure that it would not become locked again as a support person from palm told me so ......what update should i install .... the cingular one or the unbranded one.......i really appreciate you people helping me out.....

    As for the freezing thing....the phone does not is just that suddenly i stop hearing any voice from the other side ....the call continues but it is just that i stop hearing the other persons the other person it appears that i hung up the phone.....and if he tries to call me my phone appears to be not responding.....the problem is cured once i turn my phone off and back on again ( i don't have to perform a resent just perform a radio off and on)

    thankyou in advance
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    There are issues with using the Cingular branded vs unbranded. Someone here posted to use the unbranded firmware on branded GSM phone. Let me see if I could find it.

    Any third party software? Please list.

    Also what is your Cingular firmware version.
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    I have done a hard reset and am currently only using butler , volume care , ultrasoft checkbook 3 , uninstall manager.

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