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    for the life of me, i can't seem to get my treo 650 (cingular) to pair with my motorola hs-810 bluetooth headset... which works fine with my moto 710 and/or my moto v551 phones...

    i've also turned the other phones off, and even broken the pairing in both instances... the treo doesn't see my 810... despite my efforts (ala the manual) to put the hs-810 into discoverable mode...

    anyone? any assistance would be appreciated... thnx!
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    No problem with the unlocked GSM. The latest update actually adds features (headset automatically connects on incoming calls AND outgoing calls)

    You might want to delete your BT Cache and Trusted Devices from the phone and try it again. The only BT problems I've had were solved by deleting those files and a quick reset of the phone. The files will be automatically recreated once you pair a device.
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    I had a similar problem with the Tre0700w and the Motorola HS850 but resolved the pairing but the crackling, gurgling, and static was too much to take. I tried it on my TREO 650 same issue arose but worst. I returned the HS850 thinking the problem was within the headset but lightning would strike twice but it did. The Verizon sales manager told me and all his sales reps not to sale a Motorola HS850 or any Motorola headset to any TREO customers because we always have returns. They don’t work well together and Motorola has a compatibility chart and TREO was not included. He said the Jabra was the best for TREO products and that the Palm BT headset was made by Jabra so the compatibility problems do not exist. I bought the Jabra BT350v and it solved all the issues and it works like a charm.
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    I didn't need to do anything special to get it paired the first time. But I highly suggest you delete the BT Cache and Trusted Devices list before you start. A reset is also suggested.

    I just turned bluetooth on, did not set the treo to discoverable, started the treo looking for nearby devices and then started the discovery mode on the 810. From memory, you leave the mic boom folded up and press the both the center and one of the volume buttons until it lights up. The treo will take a few seconds to see the headset, then you can add it to the list and pair it using 0000 as the key. After that, there is nothing to it, just leave BT on and it pairs as expected.

    You really want to make certain you have the latest firmware on the treo (BT is much improved in the latest release) and the headset is COMPLETELY charged before you begin.

    Works fine for me and I also have another friend who is using the Cing 650 with the HS810 no problem. So you should be able to make it work, we haven't done anything too special to get it going.

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