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    Recently I found that PalmInternals ( ) has one feature much useful than I thought . It's an ability to list all locked resources.

    Huge source of NVFS device instability is a full DBCache and PalmOS inablility to clear it. There are two sources of those inablilty: PalmOS bugs and 3rd party program bugs. If 3rd party program forgot to unlock used resources, those resources leaves in DBCache forever.

    Select "Locked DBs" from PalmInternals menu. This option shows all locked records with lock count. Don't forget to make full scan at start of PI.

    What does PI output means?

    * PalmInternals (program name)
    code 1 20300 1 (resource type and index, resource length and lock count)
    tSTL 1001 557 1

    Record databases aren't processed. Also Pi doesn't check for unreleased resources (with DmReleaseResource).

    If lock count more than 4-5, it's definitely a bug in program. After 15 lock increments PalmOS fails with "Chunk overlocked " fatal error.

    1-2 locks of resident programs or libraries doesn't a bug.

    If you find something suspicious, please share this information.
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    Interesting. All of my lock counts are showing 1 so I think I'm OK. Have you seen a lot of programs with high lock counts?
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    I have 16 locked resources, 494 Kbytes; how do I remedy this?
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    Yes, I'd like to know too. I have six locked resources. Of course, two of them at PalmInternals and I'm guessing they're locked because I'm using the program.
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    While PalmInternals is running, only PI and resident programs should have locked resources.
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    I've got a total of 13 and Zlauncher has 6 of them.... how do we remedy this?

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    Doesn't Resco Locker also show locked databases?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad
    Doesn't Resco Locker also show locked databases?
    PI shows locked records, not only databases.
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    Bleh.. Just like the reviews on MyTreo say, it just crashes. It actually finished the database scan, but left garbage all over the screen and the first button I hit the 650 reset.

    Good thing I'm using Resco or my prefs would likely be poof now.

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