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    Or are they basically all the same? I ordered the S650 from TC last year and it quickly became so stretched out I didn't want to use it any more.
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    Yah, the same thing happened with my Speck SkinTight. It was a great case for about 3 months, then stretched to the point of unusability. I actually was able to shrink it (for awhile) by putting it in the oven for a bit...
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    The JavoEdge ones are supposed to be pretty good.
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    Did it stretch back out again?
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    I am using Seidio skin right now with the reset hole one. It has been a month now and still working great. Will let you know if it getting stretch or not.
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    I ran mine through the dishwasher last night and it feels good again. I'll get crazy and run the heated dry cycle next but it seems like new after one cycle with the glasses.
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    I've been using the Seidio unit for awhile now, working great.
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    another nod to the seidio one...

    I love it!
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    I haven't noticed my seidio case stretching yet after a month or two.
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    I can now answer my own question and say that the Seidio with the reset hole I got last month is WAY better than the Smartphone S650 skin I bought last year. Much less chance of it stretching b/c there isn't much reason to ever take it off with a reset hole. And it is thinner and seems stronger. I've had it a month and it is in the same shape it was day 1.
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    Seidio offers the premium skin cases for Tre 650 and 700W. Both comes with a reset hole. The Premium skin uses the top grade skin material. It will not stretch out under the normal use. It is very difficult to break it.

    For Treo 650 $ 12.95 (special promotional price)

    For Treo 700W- $ 21.95

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    The D-pad on the Zcover is uncovered. I may have to go with the Krusell classic.
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    boxwave is another one, made out of rubber rather than silicone

    its a toss up between zcover and boxwave

    boxwave, made out of better material and real thin
    zcover, covers all and has better clip
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    I have the S650 skin and it stretched out pretty early on. I cut a narrow football-shaped piece out of the back, stitched it together with thread and secured it with some superglue. It looks like a Frankenskin case, but it has held.

    My other complaint with it: too "grippy" (which could be a plus for some). It made it difficult to get in/out of my pocket.

    I'm now using the Seidio Crystal case on my 650. I like the feel of it better, but the latching mechanism is not very secure. The tab below the antenna kept opening until I secured it with a drop of Krazy glue. With that little fix, it works great.

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    I am looking for a skin protector that is thin enough to place in a Covertec side case. Also, will any of these allow docking in a Palm cradle.

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