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    Hello to all!

    Yes, after almost a year of development, I am able to finally release LEM Simulator 1.0! LEM Sim is the most advanced lunar lander game available on a Palm/Treo device. It realistically simulates the critical phase of an Apollo moon mission which is the landing. Here some of features of the game if anybody is interested:

    - Realistic physics modeling of the descent engine and thrusters
    - Actual Apollo LEM instruments rendering such as the X-pointer, altitude tape and artificial horizon
    - Houston voice announcements of your altitude, rate of descent and fuel level (during descent)
    - Realistic sound effects during flight
    - An on-board computer to help you fly the lunar module
    - Lander sub-systems may fail at any time during your descent(fuel leak, engine shutdown,stuck thrusters among others things!)
    - Three game levels : Rookie, Pilot and Commander
    - Two missions to choose from
    - Landing score takes into account landing accuracy, touchdown velocities, fuel remaining among other things
    - Flight plan available during descent
    - 20+ pages userís guide

    You can see an actual screen shot on the left of this message (my avatar). if you want to test drive (full version) the LEM, you can check it out at atformId=1&N=96804%2034&productId=180808&R=180808

    I really hope you like the app. This is my first app and so I am anxious to hear from you guys about suggestions, issues or comments.

    To all beta testers: I could not have done it without you. Thanks.

    Now, please enjoy the game and send me a private message if you need assistance landing (ah! ah!) or if you have any suggestions/comments.

    Happy landing!

    ps: Only works with high resolution screen (320x320) Palm/Treo devices; Works great on Treo 650 but NOT on Treo 600. Sorry!
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    Now, you might want to exercise your html skills.

    Hint: Your URL is all hosed up.
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    Thank so much you khaytsus!!

    Really sorry guys. I did not understand how to post a link. Here the correct link to the LEM Sim 1.0 at Handango:

    Apollo LEM Simulator 1.0


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    Here the LEM Sim 1.0 cockpit view to give you a better idea what the game look like:

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    For people who prefer PalmGear, you can find LEM Sim here:

    LEM Sim 1.0 at PalmGear

    Have fun landing (or crashing)!

    Now some of you Treo astronauts are having some questions in regards to the LEM controls. I am affraid, I may not have been so clear on the user manual. I am re-writing that part as we speak but some pointers for some of you who already download LEM Sim (thanks!);

    The lander has a rocket engine to slow the LEM down when descending toward the moon surface. The way the Apollo astronauts changed the lander direction was to tilt the all lander either forward/backward or sideways(left/right). This would change the direction of the main engine nozel and so the thrust direction. So for instance if you wanted to slow down your forward motion, you need to tilt your lander backward so the nozel points in the direction of travel. This means that the engine is trying to push you backward and so it is fighting your current foward motion => you lander will slow down! By the way, you will know that you are pitching up (backward) by looking at the horizon indicator. If you pitch up then the horizon line should go down and you will see more blue (sky). It is like if you are in a plane and your bring the stick toward you. The plane will pitch up and you will see more sky than ground.

    Your lander can rotate around two axis (pitch and roll). Here the controls for that:

    1- Pitch up: (5ways down button) slows your forward motion as explained above.

    2- Pitch down: (5ways up button) increase up your forward motion. Your are tilting the lander forward and so now the rocket nozel thrust is pushing you forward.

    3- Roll left: (5 ways left button) tilt the lander left and so the rocket thrust is pushing left

    4- Roll right (5 ways right buttom) tilt the lander right and so the rocket thrust will pushing right

    Now for the main descent engine (DPS) controls:

    There is only two buttons for that. As I said in the manual, the big problem is that every device has different label on the 4 regular hard keys (function keys like calendar, email and so on). I am mostly using Hard key 1 and 4. But I did not clearly explain where hard key 1-4 are in the manual. Hard keys numbers go from 1 to 4, with button 1 starting on the far left of the device. So:

    - Usually hard key 1 is the first button on the left of the device. In the case of Treo 650 it is the Green dial phone button

    - Usually hard key 4 is the first button on the right of the device. In the case of Treo 650 it is the red on/0ff button

    So for the Treo 650 (this TreoCentral after all!) during the final descent phase (under 500 feet altitude) you can:

    1- Slow your descent rate by pressing on the Red on/off button
    2- Increase your rate of descent by pressing the Green dial phone button

    I sincerely hope I did not confused you even more. I am in process of re-writing all these but I wanted to make sure you get this info in the mean time. It is easy to take for granted something when I have been playing (euh develloping) for almost a year!

    Sorry for the confusion in the manual. I will update the user manual file as soon as I can.


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