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    Has anybody gotten this installed on the 700w? I have tried to install it several times... however he installer screen does not seem to support the 240x240 res I can only assume there is a button down below that I cant see that I need to click to continue.

    Anybody played with this software? Looks kind a like it will integrate with the Pocket outlook Email store and give you a much better client while still supporting active sync... etc.

    I won't know for sure until I figure out how to install this... or maybe someone who is running it can tell me if that is the case.

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    If it doesn't support the square screen, you should send your request directly to the developer. I've used WebIS for a long time and it is a pretty decent app. I've not loaded it on my current device yet.
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    WebIS Mail doesn't yet support WM5 so the square screen issue is moot. There is a new beta expected soon for WM5, but I don't know if 700w support will be included or not (I would guess it will).
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    Got the new Beta square screen issue is resolved. It does not do what I want so I am still looking thanks for the input guys.
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