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    Hi. :)

    I just bought my first PDA - a Visor Prism. Yep, went out and got it on saturday and it just kicks ****. I mostly use it to carry around a mini-portfolio of my 3D work to get people interested in my web site, etc.... It's perfect for that. I love how it organizes things as well, and I've been using it for appointments and meetings and all that jazz. I absolutely love it. :)

    Now, the question: I notice that it syncs with my Outlook 2000 email. Meaning: It downloads my inbox emails to the default Email program. I know I can turn it off, but I don't want to. I like being able to read my emails on the road, etc...and answering them. The only problem I have is with the Visor Email program. To delete a message, or manage it, you have to go into each seperate one and do it one at a time. Is there a great email program that I can check off lists of emails to delete them or move them to other folders and the like? It doesn't have to be freeware or shareware - it can be full blown purchase price (as long as it isn't $100 or something crazy like that). I'd really love to find something out there. If it's good, I'll buy it. :)

    Being able to check off a number of items in the inbox and delete or classify them at one stroke would be a lot easier than having to go through 50+ emails and deleting each one, one by one.

    Thanks again!

    Nat Harari. :)
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    hmm, wondering the same thing. it was sort of a pain in the *** to delete and stuff seperately.
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