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    while retaining Palm PIM info?

    I want to perform and clean hard reset and wipe out the palm files but without erasing the PIM this possible?

    I have some kind of file that keeps getting corrupted, I think it has to do with Volume care and I want to start over, not just hard reset.

    Do I "move" the backup folder away from palm directory and then uninstall the palm software and then reinstall?

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    Just rename the backup folder to something like oldbackup. Do a hard reset and resync with your old username. It will just install the basic stuff, not your old stuff.
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    I have done this many times but still get corrupted files from previous partnerships - can I totally remove palmone from computer and save the backup folder to disk and then re-install palmone? Wouldn't this install all new conduits/preferences?
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    I am currently having a huge problem with endless reboot when i try to sync at work with outlook and it stops and I need to do a hard reset. RFBackup is also starting a loop too when I restore. What I found was a few pdb's that have all this info. Use Filez to copy to a folder on your SD card (I called mine restore) the following files:


    Then after you reset copy them back over to the Internal memory. I've alos copied over my SMS files and some preferences. Still trying to find the button mapping preference pdb but this has saved me a huge headache when I need to restore the phone aspect of my Treo when I am away from my computer.

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