I just got my Inno Pocket magnesium case, ordered only 2 days ago from here at the Treo Central store.... I really like this thing a lot! Seems very sturdy, well built and looks like it could take a lot of punishment. I have noticed a little degradation in signal in my basement where service is spotty anyway. The main reason I got this one is that I needed something to protect the treo a little better as I am somewhat of a klutz at times and have dropped the treo a couple of times....luckily with no ill effects.....but...you never know.

The only suggestion I could make is that the belt clip could be a little better designed. I would have liked the swivel to lock so I could wear it horizontally but I guess you can't have everything. I'll have to see if I can homebrew a different clip and attach it via the screw on the back.

to the magnesium case!