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    I returned the 700w mostly for BT sync reasons...but I must say the home screen was perfect...for those that don't know, it had a spot to dial using the hardkeys, you could lookup contacts on the fly, under it was 2 speed dial keys, a mailbox notifier, and an internet search bar and they also listed 1-2 next appointments.

    My question is, is there any third party software for the palm OS that does a similar function? This was a great 'home page' type of thing, I loved it.

    Thanks in advance,
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    2day might be the closest application to it.
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    You do know that the standard Phone app on the Treo 650 isn't that much different than what you describe, right? It's got a couple of upcoming appointments (not enough, though), new mail indicator, you can dial via the hard numeric keys or look up contacts with the whole keyboard. You could also assign the two visible quick-launch buttons to quick-dial numbers if you want. The only thing missing, it seems, would be the Google lookup.

    That said, I've got various ideas for a replacement Home/Phone app that I'd love to work on, but haven't had the time. I'll certainly keep my fellow Treo users posted as the situation changes.
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    Just setup one of the quick launch buttons in the home/phone application on the 650 to load google page. Then one of the buttons will say GOOGLE, and when u click it it automatically launches Blazer, and then Google. I think that's the same thing.
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    I understand what you mean by setting the quick launch to open blazer to the google home page, but what sets the functionality of the 700w apart is the fact that you type in what you want searched & the results are automatically displayed thereby eliminating extra steps. But I think your idea is innovative as well, it just requires a couple extra steps.

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