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    This approach is pretty difficult to setup, but it works. It definitely requires a bit of computer knowledge.

    The approach involves running the regular 32 bit version of Windows in VMWare under your XP64 operating system. I used Windows 2000, but regular Windows XP should work as well.

    A bunch of screenshots showing the various configuration screens are in the attached zip file.

    Software Needed:

    Treo Hot Sync Software 4.x

    Windows 2000 or Windows XP (non-64 bit edition) install CD

    VMWare Workstation 5.5
    (You can get a 30 day trial to see if it works for you before buying the full version).

    Update: The just released Free VMWare Server works as well!

    1) Create a folder for your Hot Sync installer (I used c:\hotsyncinstaller), and copy the Hot Sync installer into that directory.

    2) Install VMWare Workstation on your machine.

    3) Create a new Windows 2000 or XP Virtual Machine inside VMWare Workstation. The default hard drive setting (8GB) is big enough for the Treo Hot Sync Software.

    4) Under the Hardware tab for your Virtual Machine settings, add both Ethernet Bridging and USB Controller if they aren't already there (screenshots below).

    5) Under the Options tab for your Virtual Machine settings, add the folder you setup in step 1 as a shared folder and make sure it is enabled (screenshots below).

    6) Start the Virtual Machine and press ESC and install Windows as you normally would (see the VMWare documentation link below if you need help).

    7) Inside your new virtual machine, Press Start and Run and type "\\.host" (notice the period before host) in the box to get to your shared folder with the Hot Sync installer (screenshots below).

    8) Install Hot Sync inside the Virtual Machine from the shared folder you setup in step 5.

    9) Setup the Hot Sync inside your virtual machine to enable both Local USB and Network support. Also make sure you don't have any users enabled for the Hot Sync inside the Virtual Machine (screenshots below).

    Ok, now we need to setup Hot Sync on your Windows XP x64 machine, so you can minimize VMWare for now.

    10) Install Hot Sync on your Windows XP x64 machine and configure it to use Network. Make sure you have the username of your Treo enable for the Network (screenshots below),

    11) Enter the "HotSync" application on your Treo. Under the menu, choose "LANSync Prefs.." and select "LANSync" instead of "Local Hot Sync" and push OK.

    12) Under the TCP/IP Settings... button inside your Windows XP x64, copy the Primary PC Name and Primary PC Address to your Treo's Hot Sync application. On your Treo's "HotSync" menu choose "Primary PC Setup..." and enter the fields in, you shouldn't have to specify the Subnet Mask. I believe the Primary PC Name is case sensitive so make sure to use the correct capitalization when you enter it on your Treo (screenshots below). Press OK when done.

    13) Make sure the Treo "HotSync" is set to Local and select Cradle/Cable from the drop down list.

    14) Connect your Treo to your PC and press the hot sync button once. Windows XP x64 should complain about not finding the driver.

    15) Goto your Windows XP x64 Device Manager and "Palm Handheld" should now show up under "Other Devices". If the Treo stops hotsyncing with a timeout error, restart the hotsync.

    16) Select the "Palm Handheld" device and press "Disable" from the context menu. If it disappears before you can do this, restart the hotsync on your Treo.

    17) Make sure the HotSync manager is in the taskbar icon list for both Windows XP x64 and your Virtual Machine's version of Windows.

    18) Go back to your Windows Virtual Machine in VMWare Workstation again and focus on your Virtual Machine with the mouse, make sure you click somewhere in the Virtual Machine window. It should say "To release cursor, Press Ctrl-Alt" on the status bar of VMWare Workstation.

    19) Restart the Treo HotSync with the Virtual Machine still focused. The HotSync app should now start on both your Windows XP x64 machine and on the Windows inside your Virtual Machine (screenshot below).

    Good Luck!
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