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    Everyone was choosing the A-Data one because for a time it was the cheapest 2GB SD card on Newegg...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcens
    my 2gb A-data from newegg is working great
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    Had to reformat it with a Ridata utility program to make it 2GB from 1GB.


    Card has to be formatted FAT, not FAT32.
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    2gb adata 150x works great
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    San Disk Blue 2GB -- Working, no problem
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    2GB A-Data working fine.
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    Received the 2 GB A-Data 2day....

    Treo didn't recognize on 1st insertion
    Treo did recognize on 2nd insertion
    Card Info couldn't re-format
    FileX couldn't copy files to it
    PowerRun didn't see it.

    Downloaded Softick Card Export II and reformatted it from disk management on laptop. No problem....all working fine now.
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