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    Let's just say I wanted to use Bluetooth to send a picture to a friend. How would I do this. I can't seem to see anything in the bluetooth options or the camera application, the two most logical places to expect it. My friends have been able to send me pictures with phones with far less technology in them.

    Is this something that some carriers block because they want you to use their picture mail service?
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    You can do it.

    1) Go to the pictures app on your treo.
    2) Highlight Picture
    3) Choose menu and then choose "Send"
    4) A list will come up asking you what to send with
    5) Bluetooth is at the top. Pick that and your are golden.

    I was "Bluetoothing" phone pics to my friend's Apple PowerBook last night. Worked great.
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    Thanks, never would have found that, though it makes sense now.
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    In menu, hit send, it doesn't give me a list. It just goes directly to MMS to send. I have a Verzon 650. However if I try to send a contact or memo, then I get the expanded options to send including bluetooth. Maybe a Verizon limitation.

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