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    Hi Mark,

    I was heartened to see that there is a dedicated forum for issues regarding the Chatter email client, which I have heard from a number of forums is perhaps one of the strongest email browsers, especially for checking Google's Gmail. I was hoping that you could help me with an issue that came up after my purchase of a GSM unlocked unbranded Treo from Palm on the first of this year.

    Palm's website (Special Offers in the Smartphones Store) offered a free Chatter sd card for individuals purchasing a new Treo. Palm recently shipped me my 650 and it is great, except for one thing: no Chatter I've spoken to 5 palm reps this week, who have all pulled up the Palm offer, but have not confirmed that they will send me Chatter because they are "investigating and researching" the matter to confirm that Chatter was indeed offered on New Year's day.

    I was wondering if you and your associates could somehow provide corroboration of this offer through Palm so that I could forward it to the Palm reps. If there are any other ideas, I'd be open to them.

    Thanks in advance for your help. I look forward to hearing from you and to using your highly rated email browser.

    Take care,

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    I sent you mail about this.


    BTW, here is the link...

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