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    Well, just got an email yesterday from our National office telling us that they are allowing regional office Exchange capabilities from our National office free of charge to local offices. Software they are using is Goodlink. I have spent most of the evening reading and wading through all the posts and I've got a headache. Anyway lets cut to the chase. Am trying to decide if I should load the goodlink software on my Treo600 or wait until I go over to the darkside later this spring, reason I am think of waiting is I do not want to lose all my enhancements which I have paid for just to use something I've done without so far...after all the reading and I was trying to keep up with dates and such I'm still not sure what I will have to dump and what will conflict with here is a list of what I am using now..if someone could jump in here and help me with what won't work and what will I would appreciate it.

    Agendus 10.4 (am I correct is that this is useless unless I want two db's)
    Chatter (OWA beta)
    Pockettunes deluxe
    Easy notes (bought before v10.4 for notes and voice notes)
    the rest are just e-reader, bible reader and games.

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    One quick answer, especially with the 600, will be that anything you need that access the Palm Native databases (contacts, calendar, etc) will not work with GoodLink on the phone as GL uses it's own stores. The biggest thing you will run into, as I am sure you have noticed, is memory constraints.
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    I'm guessing:

    1) if don't have one of these already, you'll need to get either powerrun or zlauncher to move some of your programs to your SD card.

    2) it will be a bit of a hassle, but you'll like it

    I had some of the same concerns that you did. But I found it to be quite a nice solution.

    You're in a better place than most of us... there are actually less memory issues on the 600 than there are on the 650.

    My guess: if you load it and try it out, you'll end up keeping it.

    Backup your 600 and give it a go.
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    I already have powerrun to run apps off the sd card. We have never had exchange so this is all way new to me. I am not sure I can live without a "Today" screen... that is a huge thing for me. Also I am wondering if I will have enough memory to run this thing...does it sync ALL my subfolders within my inbox? If so I don't think this will run on my Treo...I have about 80 subfolders and within those probably several hundred to a thousand+ emails in each folders...and I only have 9mb free on my treo. much memory does Goodlink take just to install?? My Agendus Pro right now is sitting around 3mb which is the app and all info (minus the subfolders).
    Maybe I will contact our national office and see if I can get a demo to try.
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    You will have no problem with all those folders and emails. I have thousands of emails in folders. There is a today screen on GL. For a clean install, I think you need roughly 12 megs free.
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    Afraid TAKEphONE & 2day will not work with the GoodLink database.

    4cast will be fine.

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    Goodguy, I watched the demo, didn't see a today screen, and am still not sure about this, like I said I will have to contact the guys at National and see if I can get a demo before I decide.

    Shimon...thanks for the input, if I go this direction, TP and 2Day will be sooooooooo missed!!! I'm just not sure how to go about using my phone again without them. I mean lets face it everything I need to know on one screen, at one glance....priceless...too bad GL has to have a db that doesn't work with TP.

    Goodguy will let you know if I get a demo installed and how it goes.

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    I can confirm that you will probably be happy with Goodlink. I use zLauncher and through its "shortcuts", I was able to move even those apps that require synching to through hotsync directly to the card and allow for synching. As Goodguy (our best friend here) pointed out, you will need about 12 megs free for the install, but not necessarily after the install. What you should do, and I know you'll hate to hear this. Is do a hard reset of the device. Add Goodlink to the phone, set it up, and then re-add all of your apps and move most of them to the card and run from there.

    Although the memory is a real situation, I don't think I could do without Goodlink and all that it provides.

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    Well, doesn't look like I will be using GL, the choice was pretty much out of my hands. Will have to wait and see what developes. Goodguy I pm'd you to ask a few other things.

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    12M to install?? Holy Majole! How much room does it take once install is over?? I hate to bring up an "older" topic, but we're now testing out Treos and GL at work (City and County of San Francisco, HSA/IT) - we're getting 5 650s and 10GL licenses to "play with". Since I already had a 650 and wanted to do what I could to see a few more around the office, I offered to help test, which means I'll be getting GL. With running most of my stuff from a chock-full ROM, and a decent amount of other stuff from SD, I'm floating at about 10M free give or take usually. I'm in no hurry to get "instant" Notes mail from work, and my position doesn't require it - I'm not going to give up some of my own personal stuff just to help them test out if that's what the end result is going to be...?


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