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    I'm going to break down and get an expansion card so I can keep pics and voice recording on it --

    First question is "Does the brand matter?" Do I need to get the PalmOne brand or can I go outside the family to sandisk or others? Recommendations appreciated?

    Next is "How big should I go?"... 64, 128 or more??


    P.S. Any recommendations on voice recorders would help too
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    We just dropped the price of our Dane-Elec 1GB to $69.00, works great with the Treo.
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    I have a Adata 2GB 150x SD card that I bought for ~$110 bucks a while ago. Works fine for me! I suggest you go for the largest and fastest card you can afford. (The largest the Treo 650 can currently handle is 2GB while I believe the 700w can support 4GB)...

    Regarding voice recorders, there are various ones out there (I think 5 or more prodcuts). Soundrec is freeware while an app calles Callrec seems to have the best one button activation integration. The there is Mvoice, Audacity, PAR (toysoft) and etc. Do a search for more info...
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