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    I purchased a Nokia HS-26W bluetooth headset yesterday for use with my Treo 650 from Verizon I just acquired for work.

    It connects, but it doesn't show the headset icon. Instead, it only shows the bluetooth icon until a connection is made on the phone, and then it connects. But I have no way of telling if the phone is connected to the headset until I actually enter a call, since the icon for headset doesn't show, and only the bluetooth icon shows.

    Is this a glitch with the Treo or the headset? Should I return the headset and purchase a different one? And if so, what headset should I purchase. I was looking at a Motorola as well, it had an extendable boom and said it was a "4th generation headset" whatever that means.

    I would like something that would work semi-reliably with the Treo 650.
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