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    Hello all,

    I have done a search, and I see where sevral YEARS ago, someone posted that they cannot get the location value from an Outlook calander appointment to the Treo 650. I know I can't. As we have several different meeting rooms, this is an important piece of info for me. Has there been any solution to this problem? I have loaded the Palm supplied patch to fix syncing with multiple compuputers, but that did not fix this issue.

    I would have guessed that this would be a big problem, and would have been corrected by now. But based on the lack of discussion here, I see that I was probably wrong.

    Do I need to stop using the palm-supplied conduit, and go back to syncing to the Palm desktop, and use Mirror Pro again?

    Thanks in advance !

    Southern Belle
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    I'm using the latest Palm outlook conduit and I get the Location on my Treo 650. To see that, I have to open the PalmOne Calendar application, tap on the meeting, choose Details. It's there.

    But don't edit the item on the Treo. Otherwise on the next Hotsync, the item in Outlook will become an appointment and not a meeting. That bug is still there.
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    Hi. So, I sync my 650 to Outlook using the supplied conduit. When I select a meeting in the Calander app on my Treo, and then 'details', I do NOT get the location. Not even a place for it in the window.

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