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    I got one when I upgraded to DTG 8. I haven't installed it yet.

    Looking for tips, experiences.

    Does it install to the SD card (with regular Applications launcher)?

    How do you use it in other applications? Does it require the use of the Command shortcut?
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    I installed it a while back. I know most of it is on the card. I think it does this automatically during installation. Don't remember exactly it's been so long ago. Currently it's using 161k on my Treo. Pretty decent program. 5-way support could be better. I haven't used it that much while in another program. There is a way to make it pop-up. Can't tell you how and I only know because I've done it on accident a couple of times. I don't reget installing it. It's pretty stable. Wish I could be more help.
    Just checked the manual: Menu Backspace. Treid it and seems to work.
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    You can install the dictionary DBs to the card and just run the Bdicty application from internal memory. As twitch3 notes, you can invoke Bdicty from within other apps by using a command, which is set in Preferences under Resident.
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    love it.

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