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    Screen Protector prices are outrageous, and I refuse to pay that kind of cash ($15.95 for 3 in some places). I've come up with an inexpensive solution that works really well. I did this with my 300 and am now doing it with my 650.

    Pick up some transparency film from your local office supply store. Make sure it is clear (thermal works best). You can typically find it for about 100 sheets for $20 if you buy the house brand. Cut to fit your screen. I make a template out of a piece of card stock. Just doing some quick calculations, you can make ~24 screen protectors from a 8.5 x 11 sheet. Let's say you cut 4 of them incorrectly, you'll still have 20 per sheet. Since the transparency film is about $.20 per sheet, your protectors will cost about $.01 per.
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    And what kind of adhesive do you use to seal the film to the screen? The fact that the screen protectors adhere across the entire surface is very important for them to do thier job. If you have a gap dust can get in. Once the dust is between the two it's going to really scratch the screen. Also - just having a second film not glued but instead slightly moving relative to the screen will do damage. I would think you'd have a less than crystal clear display quality, too.

    I paid the ridiculous price of $11.95 for my screen protector - but it came with a lifetime warranty - the invisible shield. You can't even tell it's there, and it was much easier to install than the conventional ones.

    If you want to get cheap and make your own visit an aircraft supply company and ask for "helicopter tape" or "leading edge tape". That's pretty much what or screen protectors originated from. Of course, you'll probably have to buy a whole roll, and that much would be pretty expensive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by panozengineer
    And what kind of adhesive do you use to seal the film to the screen?
    No adhesive is required. It will cling to the screen.

    I'm now sure how sound this practice is (using the transparency film), but I did this for 3 years with my 300 and the screen still looks new.

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