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    I've experienced this twice now - a sort of sudden slowdown in operating. When I back out of a program back to zlauncher, there's a delay of a few seconds where the apps don't show up on the launcher screen - just blank. then a few more seconds after that where the top and bottom bars are empty. Working within zlauncher is also slow - a 2-3 second delay after pressing any button. This happened a couple of weeks ago, I reset, and it was fine until now. Any experience with this problem?
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    Are you noticing it when you run programs you moved to the card or ones installed in RAM? I notice a delay upon exit of apps moved to the card but thats a result of Zlauncher copying the files back to the SD card. Other than that programs in RAM/ROM are pretty much instant.

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    It's not a ZLauncher problem, this is a GSM issue. The reason you see it in ZLauncher is because you have a signal meter on the display, which is really what is at fault. Any program with a signal meter will run slow in this situation.

    Why it happens, who knows yet.. There's a lot of posts on the subject. Easiest way to fix it is to soft reset by hitting menu once every few seconds and it'll show up, then you can soft reset safely from ZLauncher.

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