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    I have an unlocked cingular branded treo 650. I hate that it has a 160 character limit to sms. Any idea how to solve this problem

    Thanx in advance

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    Try this program called MsgLenFix
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    I have an unbranded European GSM. I can write text messages that are much longer than 160 characters. I haven't tested if there is a limit, but I've written messages that are more 300 characters.

    Is this a carrier issue?

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    msglenfix doesn't work anyother suggestions please!!!
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    Same thing here: SMS length is not restricted. Using Orange Treo on european GSM net I can write very long SMSs!
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    My impression is that the 160 limit is imposed by US carriers on the phones made for US. This is what I found with my friends that travelled to US from other countries with their phone, all of a sudden their SMS was restricted to 160. I don't know if it applies to all, their phone are made by Nokia with GSM service.

    You are using Cingular which is a US branded phone hence will be subject to the same restrictions.
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    US carriers limit SMS to 160 characters to remain compatible with the many non-GSM carriers. For example Cingular TDMA service is technically limited to 160 characters so when switching over to GSM they kept this limitation.
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    I can write text messages that are longer than 160 characters but once I hit #161, it notifies me at the top that it will be sent as two text messages. Maybe a scheme to make money?
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    No, SMS is technically limited to 160 chars...

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