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    For about a week now, my treo won't sync. Can't think of anything I did, software I added, etc. before the problem came up. But now, when I press the hotsync button, either the hardware button or on the screen, it gets frozen at the "connecting to computer" part, and the hotsync manager never comes up on my computer's screen. I'm thinking it might be a cable problem, since I'm able to do a bluetooth sync. The problem with that, though, is that takes 30-40 minutes to complete, and the one time I tried it, it caused a 'lost preferences' soft reset. So, has anyone had experience with this problem? thanks
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    That is the same thing happening to me. Could it be that there was some kind of code in the Hotsync program on the Palm that would make it stop synching during the first week of April?
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    There's been a few threads about this. It's a problem with the cable connection to the Treo. After trying lots of different things, the one that actually works almost everytime for me is to slowly put the sync cable into the treo diagonally -- right side first then rocking in the left. Someone had mentioned it and I was skeptical, but it actually does work great.
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    I'm having the same problem. I read the other thread. Tried the problem checker and no problems found.

    I can sync with blue tooth, but not USB cable.

    The cable does work with PDAReach and PDNNet so I know the cable connection works and the usb port works with the cable and the treo.

    When I try to sync by cable, using the button the treo hotsync app, I get an audible sound from the PC akin to the sound made when a new device is connected and recognized, but the PC hotsync screen never appears and the treo times out to an error message.

    I also removed the last installed conduit. No change.

    I am loath to completely uninstall the desktop and HT apps and reinstall becasue I am afraid of data loose or duplication as I am connecting to an exchange server via wireless for calendar and email.

    Any other ideas?
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    The checker found no problems for me other and I had to do the PD uninstall and the manual registry edits and complete reinstall.

    You might want to try a USB mini hub or soemthing that is equipped with LED's to show a working conenction. And if I didn't mention this before sometimes USB devices don't like to have their ports changed. IOW, make sure it is always plugged into same port. Also note that soem devices don't like hubs.

    You might want to copy your entire [your user name] directory to another spot on your hard drive and rename it SamsaraOldMan (you don't play Saga of Ryzom do ya ?) then uninstall / regedit / reinstall everything from scratch. Then just copy the relevant database files for address books, bookmarks, etc from the SamsarOldMan directory to the corresponding spot on the new [your user name] directory.
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    what turned out to be your solution. what solved it>

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    Still unsolved. I just do a bluetooth sync every once in a while (takes about 1/2 hour). I've even called palm - no help. Does anyone know if switching to Missing Sync would solve this issue? I'd also like some of the added integration with iLife.
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    I am having a problem with my Cingualr Treo 650. We use VersaMail and Exchange Server. Every time I try and sync my email, the Treo turns off. any body got any solutions for this? Thanks
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    I was able to sync for a while and all of a sudden, I couldn't sync with the symptoms that you had. It turned out to be my usb driver on my xp computer for my treo650. Go to your device driver tab and see what you get when you connect your treo650 to your cable and you push on the sync button. If you see a ? mark for your handheld unit under usb, your driver is corrupt and need to reinstall by pointing to the correct palm desktop directory.

    Quote Originally Posted by drtadwinslow
    Still unsolved. I just do a bluetooth sync every once in a while (takes about 1/2 hour). I've even called palm - no help. Does anyone know if switching to Missing Sync would solve this issue? I'd also like some of the added integration with iLife.
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    Same problem. Not the cable - I was able to sync at home, but brought home cable to office, and still won't recognize PC. I have downloaded desktop/sync, re-installed, ran the hotsync check utility and got a message that no desktop was installed on my computer. I checked the setup and somehow all the settings were "do nothing." I changed them to sycronize. Rebooted computer, soft reset, and still won't work. Instead of the hotsync window appearing on monitor, I hear three fast beeps - does that give anyone a clue? Any help would be appreciated.
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    in addition to the other solutions mentioned, remove the Treo's battery for 30 seconds and also reboot your computer. then try again.

    let us know how you make out. good luck.
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    I don't think my problem is the Treo. I can sync fine at home. another thread mentions a driver issue, but when I check the usb settings, there does not seem to be a problem, tho they don't even recognize a palm os attempt to use, and hotsync check utility still does not even detect Handspring desktop as being installed, even tho it is on my desktop and does load. How do I re-install just the driver?
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    I take my solution back about reinstalling my device driver for the usb. After a day or two. I can't sync up again on my home xp pc. I can sync fine with my laptop xp and at my work pc (xp) but not my home's desktop. something is mysteriously wrong here.

    Also I can't figure this out but my media tab where I can see pictures from my camera shots of my treo 650 is no longer there on my new version of the plam desktop 4.1.4 ( the left side where it has the calendar, memo, contacts, task, ... icons)
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    I am still stuck. I removed the program, did the regedit deal and removed the desktop and sync from the registry file. rebooted, re-installed and when it asked to sync, I got the same three quick bonks, then the error message about connecting to the pc. I also ran the hotsync check, and at least this time it told me that there were no problems (before the registry cleanup, it told me that palm desktop was not even installed). I have looked at the other threads and haven't found anything that helps. I still sync with no problems to my home computer, and have traded cables to make sure that is not the problem. Any other ideas?
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    The Palm OS has been out for what? 12 years now, and Palm STILL hasn't mustered the engineering finesse to make it's SIGNATURE software work properly or reliably even yet?
    DOes anyone have a more robust PC Side utility to optimize the USB ports for Treo Syncing?

    To Hot sync three times in a row, you WILL have to do at least three (or probably all) of these steps, multiple times, in random order each time:
    Go through all the steps outlined in the Palm HotSync FAQ pages:

    These have turned out to be the most fruitful for me:
    1. Make sure all Documents-To-Go are closed.
    2. Make sure all alarms and anything requiring a user response have been closed
    3. Make sure there is PUH-LENTY of space available on your TREO internal memory
    4. Make sure the amount of stuff being Sync'ed into the Treo internal memory will FIT and STILL leave plenty of space.
    5. Make sure your Treo is looking at the HotSync app
    6. Makes sure cable/cradle is seated PERFECTLY
    7. Make sure there is external recharging power to your Treo
    8. Set HotSync manager to only open Manually, then Exit HotSync Manager, restart PC, then manually restart HotSync Manager.
    9. Restart your PC Computer System a few more times
    (I don't even want to THINK about any extra steps might be needed for Sync to a Mac. I pray to God HotSync is more reliable on OSX than it was on OS9!)
    10. Soft Reset your Treo
    11. Swap your Sync cable from USB port to USB port
    12. If the HotSync connection doesn't appear in PC screena after five seconds, furiously tap the "cancel" button in the Treo HotSync window.
    13. START (but DON'T complete) a Hard Reset
    - A. With Treo OFF, push stylus into the reset hole,
    - B. keep pushing stylus WHILE you press the power/Red Phone Exit button,
    - C. THEN, continuing to press the power button, remove the stylus
    - D. Keep pressing the Power button until the Grey round "(Palm)" Logo appears
    - E. THEN release the power button
    - F. When message Asks "Delete All Data" - select NO by pressing "any other key"
    14. Take battery out of Treo for 30 seconds
    15. Install and run USB Registry Utility:
    16. Install and run the Developers Backdoor:

    Personally, I've seen so many random problems HotSyncing with what appears to be pristine equipment, I doubt all the effort people report in swapping in new Hot Sync cables has been justified. Even cleaning the cable contacts, while a good idea, never seems to really be the problem.

    The problem is simply this: Palm has NEVER come up with reliable HotSync software and they WILL be swallowed up by Windows. All that will come from a new Linux based OS is yet another incredibly poorly integrated "solution" to the most BASIC function of a Palm handheld device. The only advantage of a Linux solution will be the slim possibility that an enterprising 12 year old will see the open source code and come-up with a better solution over a long weekend.

    Until then, HotSync Russian Roulette.

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    I had a second letter from tech support @ palmone. This one was much more specific, and helpful. I worked step by step through it, and when all was complete, I am syncing again. I will privately forward the process to you, but will not post it, since I do not have their consent to do so.
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    If you ask I would imagine that they would be very happy to have you post it. All it will mean then is that they get 3 dozen less requests for the same thing.

    Incidentally, I lost hotsync again today.....didn't do whole shebang again but switched from USB port to USB2 port and all was well with the world.
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    I have done ALL of these...not working! What is the deal with these things? I have not made one sync!

    Would a cradle help?
    I am so over it.
    I had an old palm. 105, I think. It would sync flawlessly everytime. I guess I just expected this to do the same. I mean it is much more sophisticated model!

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