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    It appears that I am not unable to synch my Palm 600 with my Windows computers. I have two cables and have ruled out that it is a cable problem. So it appears that my connection on my Palm is broke.

    However, I have been using Palm Desktop for years and going from my phone to my desktop has been a habit of mine. Since I'm unable to go get a new phone right now, I would like to know if I could move particular files to my phone manually via the memory card. I have a memory card reader where I could put files and then move them to the phone.

    My question is which files need to be moved to effectively "synch" my Palm Desktop app?
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    The standard palm apps files are named address.dat, datebook.dat, tasks.dat, todo.dat and are in directoris of the same name in your PalmOne\[your Username] directory.

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