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    I am a Goodlink 4.7 user. Where can I find a link to the features of Goodlink? I have a very hard time navigating the site. I was specifically looking for Vcards. I thought we could send Vcards from our handhelds...
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    No, you cannot send vCards from the handhelds. You can download vCards to the GoodLink contact from the handheld. For the changes in 4.7, you can read the release notes at
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    But I think I read in another thread that Vcard sending may be in works because "beaming" contacts may be in the works. No?

    Also, is there any chart on the web which compares Windows Mobile 5.0 (free with Exchange 2003) with Goodlink 4.7? Some people object to Good when they can get wireless sync for free.
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    Beaming of contacts is tentatively scheduled for next release, but that obviously could change. As for comparisons with WM5, being that the the MFSP has not been released yet, we only have what Microsoft has released in press releases. I am sure, once it is released, we will have comparisons. They key to the MSFT push is that it will only work for Exchange 2003 and only on WM5 devices.
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    Sorry what is MFSP? I mean, phones are out with this system, right? 700W?
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    MFSP is the Microsoft Feature and Security Pack. This is the patch that is done on top of SP2 on Exchange 2003 that will provide the push email on Exchange. That has not been released yet. Also, the phones that are shipping right now with WM5, ie, the 700W and the 6700, are not capaple of taking advantage of the push features right now. They will require a ROM update, AKU-2, to utilize it. So, short answer is no, the 700W cannot do push with SP2 right now.

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