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    I had an idea for a feature in Phone Technician. Not sure how hard this would be...but could you have options in PT so that if you are in a scheduled meeting, that the ringers would automatically switch to a secondary choice?

    For instance, I sync with Outlook at work and I have all my meetings in my would be nice to not have to remember to turn off my phone during these meetings... So when the time for a scheduled meeting starts, I could have the option of making all incoming calls vibrate instead of using the regular alarm.

    Just an idea...
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    FYI - you'd normally be more likely to get me by posting here
    fortunately today, I happened to be at TC!

    You can achieve this today I think. I'm sure there is a profle app out there that can switch the treo volume based on appointment/not and phone technician can work from the standard ringer volume.
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    The only reason I thought about posting this was your response on an earlier thread (the butler vs. Central thread). I knew you were lurking Thanks for the heads up though...I'll see if I can find that other program.

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