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    On a Treo 650 when you get an incoming call it pops up two buttons on the screen [answer] and [ignore].... In the past I've been able to touch the answer button and it answers pretty quick, but now it seems to take 4-6 seconds and sometimes doesn't answer it quick enough and they go to my voice mail. This just started last week and I havent updated anything or installed anything since Dec 12th.

    Anyone else ever expeirence this? I really REALLY dont want to do a hard reset and re-install everything, but if this is the only fix for it then I guess I will. Any suggestions? I've re-calibrated my screen/stylus already and that didn't help. My screen protector has been on there for about 4 months now, could it be getting too old or some dirt under it? I wouldn't think it'd be that though since it does eventually answer so it's getting contact.
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    I don't use the screen to answer. I have it turned off when ringing to avoid answering inadvertantly.
    But I have noticed recently that it often takes two clicks on the button to answer the call. I have assumed that it takes two clicks but your message makes me wonder if it is a delay as opposed to the second click that actually completes the task.
    You might want to try two quick taps to see if that helps.
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    This issue started for me once I installed the latest version of mRing. When I remove mRing the problem goes away. Check to see if you have it installed. If not, another application may be the culprit. Try disabling and/or removing all applications that run in the background. Then perform a soft reset and see if the problem is gone. If the problem goes away, re-enable and/or install those applications one-by-one, then test for the problem. Be sure to soft reset each time after re-enabling/re-installing an application, as I have found this to be a factor in evoking inexplicable issues like this.
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    Using any 3rd party ringtone manager by chance?
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    This happens when I have a lot, 1000's, of contacts. I assumed it was the delay to do caller ID lookup with a large phone list.

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