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    I am an independent consultant, no office, no IT staff, and no exchange server.

    I've been using Chatter with IMAP email for a long time to keep my email synced on my Treo, my laptop, and on the web.

    Is there some solution out there that would let me keep my calendar synced in a similar fashion (ie, without having to run a HotSync every time I change some appointment)?

    Most of the solutions I've tried don't work for me because they either (a ) don't use the Palm's internal databases, or (b ) require a redirector on an always-on PC (which I don't have).

    A hosted exchange service, would work, but the cheapest I've found is about $20/month/user, which is more than I'd like to spend.

    Are there other options?

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    I've been looking for a similar solution for a co-worker.

    It seems the cheapest hosted Exchange provider is

    They charge $6.99 a month and will give you a free .info domain. This would give you the full benefit of MS Exchange.

    If you want to continue with IMAP, there are allows solutions like, but it seems you are already using that, so you know what the limitations of IMAP are.

    Good luck and post whatever other info you find.

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