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    I cannot get my headsets to work. I thought I synced both of them (Jabra and MOT), the Treo sees them, but when I put in the key codes and get the OK from the Treo, when I dial a #, the headset isnt working. The phone speaker is still getting the sound. Also, do I need to sync EVERY time I turn on the phone? I thought I could just turn on the headsets and away I go. On my RAZR, its as easy as 1-2-3. Am I doing something wrong??????

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    It's a known issue with Treo. I have moto hs 810 as well and it's not working. There are some thread about that. Also, you might need to upgrade the firmware to get them to work.
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    this happened to me. I had to do a hard reset then a resync.
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    anyone willing here to help out a noob get ther's up with a little detailed step by step instruction. i have a moto HS810 and can't seem to get anywhere

    please and thank you

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