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    Have a new treo 650 I got a few months back; moved up from my 600 model. I use Sprint, sync my 650 at home on xp using Outlook. I do not sync the 650 with my work pc. I also have a old T3 that I sync at home as well but could change and only sync that at work if needed. Last, I have a pumatech's Intellisynce v5.01 but it is not used presently.

    I know what I would like to do just don't know if it can be done nor what would be the best way to go.

    1) I want to continue to sync my treo at home with Outlook (all items are sync'd: calendar, appt, task, notes).

    2) I would like to have the email/task/reminders/calendar (not notes) from my work pc which is windows 2000, pushed to my treo. If that is not possible then I would be willing to sync the 650 with the work pc so that these items could appear on the 650. I do not wish nor need to sync any information back to the work desktop pc at this time but that might not be a bad idea. We use (Outlook/Exchange) on a Novell server and are on a wan.

    We have blackberrys my work location (govt job) which has the 'push' feature so users outlook emails are sent to the bb devices from, I would guess Exchange) then the emails also go to the users desktop Outlook app.

    Can anyone take a moment to explain my options?
    Is it best to just use my t3 for work only sync it there thus dealing with two devices instead of one or would a app like Datemate (do not own it) or other app allow me to do what I want?

    Would the Intellisync v5.0.1 that I have be used to do any of this or should I upgrade to a different verison (their site list Intelllisynce Mobile suite though don't know if that is what would be needed/desired). Maybe a different type of software? I did notice that DateBk5 indicated one could 'keep your spouse's or co-worker's calendar on teh palm but visibl spearate from your own'.

    I don't know what sprint offers in the way of push email, what the service/package/plan I should look at if they even offer what I need. I have the unlimited data plan with sprint so can access the web if that info is of any help.

    Last, I don't mind installing whatever app may be of help but I realize the 650 doesn't do a great job on how it uses memory space. I want to have a app that does what I want only to find out it is very very slow after all is said and done. Plus I would rather not have to deal with a zdlauncher or other that moves apps from treo to memory card (though I did read something about docs to go and moving some of it to a sd card). currently have 18.5mg free on treo.

    thanks for any pointers in the right direction.
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    Try LiveSync:

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    Thanks gfunkmagic. always did like that graphic you use under your name on this site....sorry, got off track from the topic for a moment.

    do u use livesync? I see it has a ten day demo but still figured it would be good to ask those that might have gone before....thanks again.
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    I just downloaded livesync and tried to use it -- too complicated with no documentation. I couldn't get past the conduit setup. There are multiple Outlook conduits. I don't know, it might work for some of you.

    Over the years I've tried several of the PIMs (Intellisync, Datebk, PocketMirror and now Beyond Contacts) and I haven't been entirely happy with any of them. I'm shopping now for another product, but the prices are ridiculously expensive.

    Beyond Contacts works pretty well on multiple machines and users, but I HATE the fact that you can't customize whether or not you sync tasks, calendar items, etc. individually. It's all or nothing -- very annoying. Plus I don't like that you can't dedicate a button to contacts.

    None of them handle duplicates very well, although BC was probably the best at that.

    I'm discouraged to be honest. Basic functionality like this shouldn't be so difficult.
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    I just installed my t3 at work with the palm conduits that came on the cd. Use Outlook 2003 so I had to download and install the 1.01 & 1.02 conduits so it could sync with Outlook; what was on the cd only sync up to Outlook 2002 it seems.
    All sync'd ok except the actual Outlook email. I have the v5.01 of Intellisync so maybe that must be used so my work pc email goes to the pda.

    I did have a new thought, hard to believe sometimes -
    #1) I can sync at work with the t3 (desktop to pda) then take my t3 home and sync there but have the sync go both directions. Next I could then sync my treo 650 with my home pc thus having all work related things on my treo 650.

    #2) Then I take my t3 back to work and sync it there so it is overwriten with only work Outlook items.
    At least I think all that will work.
    Have no hotsync manager on my home pc in the task bar at the moment so need to find out what that problem is.
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    Does Livesync work woth Lotus Organizer 6.1?
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    the older verison 5.1 that I have worked with Lotus Organizer 5.0/6.0 and their site, has a newer verison of Intellisync that I would assume works with your 6.1
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    Is Livesync a re-director or does it use OWA to sync the PIM data?
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    oops, sorry got my thoughts crossed with my last post. I had meant to say that Intellisync 5.1 supported Lotus Organizer 5.0/6.0 not Livesync.

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    Quote Originally Posted by txschafers
    Is Livesync a re-director or does it use OWA to sync the PIM data?
    Can someone answer this questions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by txschafers
    Can someone answer this questions?

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