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    Is it possible that there is an app out there to turn my constant speaker going out - resetting - and locking up telephone (AKA Treo 650) into a compass?

    I remember there being some wierd program that makes the Treo's screen look like a full glass and as you tilt the phone it would empty the glass.....
    This must mean that there's some sort of motion sensing something or other that would make a compass work.

    Maybe not.....

    But I need a digital compass and I figured there'd be no better place to ask than here.

    Thanks to all,
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    A compass must sense the Earth's magnetic poles so the device must have magnetic sensors in it. Palm organizers do not have these sensors in them, nor is there a way for GPS to tell you which way you are facing.

    Get a stand alone electronic compass for $40 and be done.
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    I just don't see how this could be possible. There is no motion sensing hardware on the Treo. No way to tell if you are moving the treo up/down/sideways/etc.

    Not sure about that App you mentioned. First time hearing about it. I think the only way you can get a digital compass on the Treo is if you buy GPS hardware/software for the Treo.

    Otherwise, what's wrong with an analog compass? Doesn't need batteries and if you get a really good one, it ill last forever.
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    Sun Compass works... if you can see the sun, just like the old boy scout/girl guide trick with your watch


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