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    Wow, I didn't get much helpful info. with regard to my questions. I was hoping that this site would prove more usefull. Cingular has given me different answers each time that I called them. I ended up ordering an Irridium satphone and will get a Palm TX tomorrow. I wanted reliable communication, but ended up liking the sound of some of the PDA features. I'd rather not have all my eggs in one basket anyway, such as having the phone and PDA being combined. I know it has advantages, but it seems to have downsides too. Though relatively expensive, the Irridium phone will offer much more reliable communication that anything Cingular has.
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    I think your first post scared people away. Ten to 15 questions at one time is more than most people want to tackle.
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    You must live WAY off the beaten path if you need an Iridium sat phone!

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