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    when i do a sync it syncs up all sorts of things i don't want to sync. i want just calendar, tasks, contacts. i get media, aaa checker...all sorts of stuff. i went to set up and turned off all things except the 3 things i wanted to sync. they still continue to sync. what am i not doing?
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    When you change your sync options in hot sync manager, make sure you click the default button on the right or the changes will only apply to the next hot sync.
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    i did that. i have had several treos and recently got a new computer and had to re-load the software. i can never remember what to do to make all of this go away. it make the hot sync take forever and then i have to reset the phone.
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    Make sure you "set as default" the setting you want to permanently "do not sync" under custom setting of hotsync mananger. Also you can use apps like conduit manager to manage your conduits.:
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