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    I'm mainly interested in the new version of Blazer. I have a Verizon Treo so the ROM itself is of no use to me, but I've extracted the files in the hopes of being able to load the new version of Blazer on my Treo.

    The files I identified as potentially important are:

    I don't really know what a "cprc" file is, or "oprc" etc. or how to install them. My Treo's Blazer files all have a "VRZW" name in place of the generic "Device" but I'm guessing that may not really matter (or does it?)

    Bottom line: can I get the new Blazer on my VZW Treo, and if so, what do I do with these files?
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    Is this the firmware upgrade that Palmone has announced for February? (I know its a "leaked" version) but has anyone confirmed that this is the same upgrade that is coming next month?
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    Of course it's not confirmed. We'll see when we'll get the next ROW GSM update.
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