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    What's up with that?!?
    Is it time to give up Treo if you rather choose your phone after your computer need than the opposite?

    Is there a Treo 710 planned with OSX or what?

    What's your opinions and thoughts?!?

    I'm kind of... empty...
    and confused.
    what to do?!?

    I like my treo 650!!!
    But I want to upgrade sooner or later...
    Digital stuff is great when they
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    If you go to the future Treos section you'll find discussions about a 700 Palm version. It's in the works. Palm is just going with a dual OS strategy now. Probably a good idea as they gain some new customers and use that for R&D on their hardware and most importantly a newer more modern Palm OS.

    Head over there and you can find the skinny on it. right now it is just rumors and speculations.

    Don't fret! Palm OS won't go away. The Palm user base is too big for Palm to just throw away. It would be suicide on their part. though I wouldn't put it past them to do it, with some of their more brilliant business decisions
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    Quote Originally Posted by kimrin

    Is there a Treo 710 planned with OSX or what?
    700W runs on Windows Mobile. Apple has not come out with software for mobile phone devices. Eventually, with the integration of comprehaensive handhelds, many believe Apple will create an iphone in 2 to 3 years to retain their ipod audience.

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