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    I have my Treo 650 with Sprint. If I get a Cingular 650 can I sync all my information & Applications that I have on my Sprint Treo if I keep my Hotsync name the same??
    So in effect I will have 2 treos on different networks but only buying the application(s) once but using it on both handsets.
    Will syncing both Treos to my Mac under one Hotsync name cause a problem?
    Thanx in advance.
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    You can sync one username to multiple devices like you described... but it would not be the best solution longer term imo...
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    Why not best solution for longer term? I don't understand. Would it cause a problem??
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    My "Danger! Danger Will Robinson! Danger!" alert just went off in my head. I cannot tell you exactly what I think might happen (duplicate entries? for one), but I agree with gfunkmagic. Better to go with two userids.

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    I agree, Seems like a disaster in the making. Not only things like dupe PIM info, but you're mixing carriers! I don't know how well something like a Sprint CarrierProfiles.pdb file would react on a Cingular phone, and vice-versa. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    As long as you don't try to sync them both to the same desktop user folder I don't think there are any problems. If you aren't using the desktop interface for much, then it gets easier - set all of the non-install conduits to default to do nothing and then make changes when necessary.

    It does sounds like a pain to try and keep them current with each other though. Now, if all you're doing is wanting to use one hotsync name so that you can share software across the two devices and keeping them identical is not your goal then it sounds pretty safe and easy. (Do note that some titles key off of a combination of hotsync name and device specific information.)

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