Hi, I've got a Sprint Treo 650 and was wondering if anybody has compiled a list of the files that store the data for the default applications. For example, if I wanted to wipe my phone, but keep my phone database, pictures, videos, SMS messages, calendar data, do we know the corresponding files to sync back to the hard-reset Treo? Here's a list that I've got so far, but it's still not quite complete...

Blazer data:
Blazer Bookmarks.pdb
Blazer CacheHistory.pdb
Blazer Cookies.pdb
Blazer Field Autofill.pdb
Blazer Find Autofill.pdb
Blazer URL Autofill.pdb

SMS data:
Messages Database.pdb
SMS Messages2.pdb
SMS Quicklist.pdb

Ringtones (if any have been added):
MIDI Ring Tones.pdb

I'm not so concerned w/contacts, calendar, memos and tasks since those can be overwritten w/what I've got on my computer. I am looking for the picture and video data locations and the file that stores the counter for those, as well. If anybody could help finish this list, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!