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    I was using Versamail (new Treo 650 user), and though I liked the program, for some reason auto-sync just wasn't (and isn't) working. It'd work for a little while, and then no dice. Very frustrating, as I want to be notified of new mail. My need is to access 2-3 e-mail accounts, 2 of which are POP3, one of which is either POP3 or IMAP, depending on what I want to use it as.

    After a frustrating and futile call with Palm, I've all but determined this Versamail program has a for-me-fatal flaw, which is the failure of auto-sync. Why can't it perform this simple function properly?

    So, I've been giving Chatter a try. I like the program, it offers MUCH more by way of settings (the notifications are great!), etc. I just have 2 questions I need answered before I dish out the $40 for the registered version:

    1. Can anyone guarantee me that Chatter won't have the same auto-sync (OK, QSync) problem Versamail gave me? That is, if I set Chatter to check my POP3 account every 1/2 hour, will it do it every time and not stop doing it for no apparent reason?

    2. I've been enjoying the push e-mail feature with my IMAP e-mail account... works great! However, the problem I'm havnig there is I can't check my e-mail from my computer because it won't allow simultaneous log-ins. Is there any way around this?
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    I went to Chatter for similar reasons. I have been glad every day since. I only use POP so I will answer to the first questions. I have not had one issue like what I had with VersaMail and autosync failing. It has been great!
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