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    i noticed on my signal quality icon there are 2 arrows going in opposite directions which are sometimes gray and sometimes they are blue. is this an always one mode or something?

    the arrows always show and they never use to be there. i'd like to know what they are and where i can find the preference so i know what setting i could have changed.

    any help appreciated.

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    The arrows mean that you're connected to your carrier's data network; when they are grey, no data is actively being received or transmitted (more exactly, the data session is inactive) and when they are green, data is being received or transmitted (the data session is active).

    When a data session is active, you can't receive voice calls; also, there will be battery drain of the same magnitude as though you were on a voice call.

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    Thanks for clearing that up Marc. Are there settings for this connection as it seems that it conncets to Sprint's network automatically.
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    You really should RTFM
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    If one leaves a know it all smart a$$ comment at least post the answer too. Othewise your just a waste.

    Some programs that utilize the data connection have the option to leave you connected when it's done. I read the freaking manual a year and 2 months ago when I received my 650. But I do not recall stay connected as a 650 option and I did not see it in the 650 preferences when I looked. I have treohelper that connects me to data automatically when the phone is turned on. It does not use more power or data to stay connected. It just saves time when a data connection is needed by not having to relogin. When it is logging in shows you the dialogue box with the hands shaking or something and says establilsed.

    So look at your 3rd party apps that use data and find the preference that says disconnect on exit or stay connected and set it how you want it.
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    AH thanks mg48. I'll go through my apps and check.

    I posted this question when I was at work, so cesium1024 thanks for being king of the obvious

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