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    From doing a search, I'm clearly not the only one to have failures with the Auto-sync feature of Versamail. Has anyone come up with a solution to this? It seems like if I do a soft-reset the feature starts to work again, but only for a limited time, then it won't check messages on its own. I can more than tolerate not having "push" e-mai on this device, but if it can't handle something as simple as just checking e-mail every 1/2 hour, that's very bothersome!

    As an alternative I've downloaded and have been trying out Chatter ( This seems like a good program, and has a LOT more options than Versamail (especially notification-wise). I tried using their "push" feature with IMAP, but 2 problems: one, I don't like how much talk time it eliminates (i.e. time when someone might be calling me), and two, I can't use my e-mail program on the PC because the Treo's already logged in (can't log in more than 2 places). So, that might not work.

    I'm also real disappointed at the lack of available SUPPORT from palm... no mention of this anywhere on there website!
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    what cell service do you have? As stated in my other thread, I have the same exact problem and I'm with Sprint. I'm trying to figure out if maybe it's a problem with Sprint not letting my phone stay connected to the internet and versamail not connecting the phone to the internet when it autosyncs.

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