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    I don't know if a program like this is out there, but if it's not, maybe it's something a devloper could look at.

    I want a program that will automatically change settings that I might manually change using the "custom" option in HotSync. Here's what I mean:

    Quick Install
    Leave "as is" (I want it to stay set to whatever I manually set it to)

    Natara Comet
    Set to "Synchronize the files" the first time I sync for the day, then set to "do nothing" (I don't need it to update my records each time I sync)

    DayNotez Desktop
    Ask what I want to do. Then "Synchronize the files" if I don't respond in a preset time (say 10 seconds) (I usually want it to sync, but may not)

    Always "Do Nothing" (I don't use this, but don't want the conduit gone, "just in case")

    Always "Enabled"

    First synchronization of the day "Handheld overwrites desktop", all others "do nothing" (I only want a backup the first time I use during the day, I don't need it backed up each time)
    Maybe it would also have a "remove conduit" option.

    Does this make sense? Is there such an app avaialable?
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    Conduitbuddy may be the only such application. I don't know for sure. It's too pricey for me.
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    GoSync from lets you create "sets" of conduits and lets you switch between them with just 1 click .
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    I've used GoSync for several years now. I don't install anyone's Palm that I don't put GoSync on as well.
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    GoSync! Let's you EASILY set up profiles, so one tap will get ya what you want, or it will implement YOUR chosen default. I've used this for years, and never a problem. (Clie TH55 >> Treo 600 >> Treo 650/GSM). In a word: fantastic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jg70124
    GoSync from lets you create "sets" of conduits and lets you switch between them with just 1 click .

    Cool...never seen gosync before!
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