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    I've been using the Discovery 640 with the Treo 600 and Jabra a210 for a couple of months and it works fine. Plantronics doesnít list the 640 as working with the Jabra a210 but it work great. I love the form factor. The range was my primary concern considering the small size of the 640 but I use it in my apartment just fine, im able to go into other rooms without dropping the connections. I can confirm a good 20feet if you are in line of site. Of course as you get further from the adapter you begin to notice static which isnít transmitted to the recipient. The incoming sound is excellent, as far as outgoing I would say its good as the headset picks up a lot of noise...I was talking with someone while I was cooking some hash and they heard the sizzling of the frying pan (it wasnít that loud for me but they commented several times about what I was doing and that it was really loud). The clarity is still up in the air because I have to record to a voicemail to test which isnít as good as a real convo... but it is definitely clear enough to decipher.

    My major complaint with this headset is the gel ear piece, while 3 sizes are included and fit very well (the earhook is really not needed but does give extra security) they can easily pop off of the headset and become lost. I have just lost my second gel earpiece and now im force to use the biggest of the 3 gel earpieces until I can order a replacement earpiece.
    The other and really only of 2 complaints is the case for the headset, while it does provide a good secure fit, there is enough friction to scratch the headset. I have 2 white dots where silver finish has been scratched from constant inserting of the headset in the carrying case

    The coolest features are the adapters and the battery charger. It come with 3 major cell adapters (I know one is nokia..I think moto and one more I cant remember) that you can connect your existing cell phone charger to charge the headset or simply use the double AA battery adapter and connect it to the carrying case and it will charge the headset using the double AA battery.

    The manual states the headset will vibrate on incoming calls but I have not been able to confirm this and it may be related to non native bluetooth support on the treo 600 (remember im using the jabra adapter). To hang up a call I can simply insert the headset in its case.

    So for all of you that want bluetooth on your Treo 600 this is a good solution.
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