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    last night i received an sms text message. when i tried to reply it said something was wrong with the system. immediately after i received a duplicate sms message. i replied to the message succesfully.

    after that i kept receiving the same sms message about 15/20 times. it was very annoying and i had to turn my phone off because i was about to go to sleep.

    upon waking up i turned my phone on and received the same message again (only once).

    just wondering if anyone has experienced this before and any thoughts on what this could be?

    the only app i've installed that is sms related is 'shark msg' (which i deleted because it didn't work when i tried to use it).
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    I'm on Sprint as well and I have not had any problems recently with sms. Once in a while I'll get a dupluicate sms but it doesn't continually repeat. Pehaps you need to call Sprint.
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    Thanks TurboTiger! Luckily no other issues with sms today *fingers crossed*
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    TurboTiger & all, FYI... Sprint went down on the West Coast last night due to a fiber optics cable being cut in Phoenix. I'm sure this was the cause of my sms issue.

    Read more here:
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    Eh, this kind of things happens no infrquently on the major networks SMS servers. I get duplicate or triplicate messages occasionally - it does make me wonder if I am paying for them. It would be JUST like Verizon to charge for their own faulty system...
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    kind of strange though how it was 15/20 sms messages. double, triplicate i could understand but this was ridiculous. i'm glad i have unlimted sms in this situation.

    haha. i'm glad i'm no longer with verizon.

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