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    Is it just me or is bluetooth sync using OS 10.4 unbelieveably slow? It takes probably 15 minutes for me to sync...I am using isync to get stuff to my address book and calendar if that makes a difference.....

    Also...Is it possible for me to use the address feature to send an sms mail or to dial the phone over bluetooth? I can't get it to work.
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    I am using Missing Sync and Entourage, so it's not the same setup you have, but it also takes me about that long to sync. I have a special profile in Missing Sync for when I want to use BT, which skips a lot of the time-consuming steps like backup, iPhoto, iTunes, folder syncing, Vindigo etc. so it just does the basics. But still, the whole process takes much longer than it should. You could go to the store and buy a hotsync cable, plug it in, and do a normal sync in the time it takes to do a BT sync, which defeats the whole purpose and ease of use of wireless syncing.
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    Bluetooth and the palm is at serial speeds. I disable backup and non-useful conduits when using it. That saves me tons of time. But then again, If my Palm hard resets, I don't care that much.
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    Setting up a different profile for BT syncing is a good idea. I'll have to try that, even though I got a cradle on eBay, which works really well. I've only really used my BT connection to transfer pictures to my phone.

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