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    I had purchased Tomtom for use with a BT GPS in December. Free traffic was offered through the end of December. I see that although I did not subscribe to it, traffic still seems to be working. In addition, if I go to the Tomtom website, while a traffic subscription can be purchased for many European countries, the USA doesn't even seem to be available for traffic.

    Anyone know what's the story with this?
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    I don't know what the deal is with TomTom traffic but it is still working for me. My assumption is that they want to roll out the service in the US but are not quite there yet. My understanding is that it works well in Europe and they can justify charging for it. In the US, the coverage is not as comprehensive given the variety of local reporting organizations. Until that can be worked out, maybe it'll continue to be free. I live in a major metropolitan area and would not pay for this service given it's current level of accuracy.
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    As far as I am concered it is a waste of time it hardly ever picks up traffic congestion in new jersey

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    so tom tom traffic is free in the US?
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    It is a great idea, but here in Boston, there is only data for major roads, and even that data is not updated enough. Big things can have an effect, but it is not that useful during daily commutes.
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    It's horrible here in Atlanta...
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    they have been offering it for free in the US as a temporary promotion. At some point I'm sure they will end the free trial and start charging...presumably when they have it working better (but only tomtom knows).

    I tried it but it really didnt work that well for me so I stopped using it

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