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    Hey all,

    Has anyone had any issues getting their serial number when attempting to buy a license for LauncherX via the store front on

    I tried LauncherX (amoung others) on my Treo 650, liked it and decided to buy a license. I placed on order on 1/6, my credit card was charged 1/7 but there's been no sign of the serial number to register my copy to day. A series of 3 e-mail inquiries to over the intervening days ave gone completely unanswered.

    Anyone have a similar experience? What gives?

    - Chris
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    Maybe you could try posting this in the LauncherX Support forum?
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    Humm... Could this be the same Chris Goodwin of Frybrid???
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    Thanks, I had actually posted to the LauncherX support forum shortly after posting here and miraculously, my serial number appeared a few hours later.

    I have to say I was a bit concerned about the debate raging on the LauncherX support forum about on-going development (or lack thereof) for the product I had just bought. That said, I do like the product as it is (not too many features, not too few) but am hoping it will continue to be actively supported.

    And nope, sorry, I am not affiliated with "Frybrid" in any way.

    Good luck...

    - Chris

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