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    Hey has anyone put this SNL short on their Treo? It's really hilarious and I want to carry it around with me but can't find a place to download it from...
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    thats in google video format. how's he supposed to get it running on his treo?
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    Try the "Download for Sony PSP" or "Download for Video iPod" options to get an MP4 version of the video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcdan333
    Try the "Download for Sony PSP" or "Download for Video iPod" options to get an MP4 version of the video.
    I downloaded the ipod version and it plays on the 650 using TCPMP, but it's very choppy. You might have to re-encode it via pocketdivx encoder or something to make it smoother...
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    iTunes had it as a free download a couple of weeks ago. but not anymore

    The only versions I see available are WMP or Flash.
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    I know has it...
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    cford87, I figured out how to play that SNL Narnia skit using TCPMP. I currently have it on my SD card and it plays fine. I've just loaded this player onto my Treo a week ago and searched around the forums. Basically, there are two plugins not in the TCPMP download that you need which I found from another member:

    Look at what Franko515 says on the 6th post down in that thread. The trick is you need to have the aac plugin and the avc plugin that he gives a link to. I've found that these are not included with any of the TCPMP downloads for some reason. As I am new to the forums I wasn't sure exactly how to add those two files into my own message for you to get them easier. Hope it works for you. BTW, this was using the mp4 version that gfunkmagic refers to in this thread.
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    Go to, it has most of the stuff from webjunk 2.0, snl, and madtv.

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