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    I have docs to go version 7.006, and ocassionally a file I created disappears, and sometimes they reappear. When opened, it says at the top right (where you can normally insert sheets) "recovered sheet."
    I'm concerned because one of these recoved files (in word to go) disappeared, and I'm anxious to avoid this. Any thoughts on what happened and what to do?
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    bump - doesn't anyone have a suggestion here?
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    Are the files actually there in the Documents folder on the SD card whe they dissappear from DTG? Can you access the files via a card reader?
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    I can't answer re: the files I lost some time ago, but I now can't find some files on filez, but can see in docs to go - I'm concerned that they will disappear, and can't figure out why I can't see them. (see related post - "documents to go, files spread around, missing" - this forum (I wish I could put a link here).

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