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    so i finally narrowed it down to verichat. When it's on (and i have it "always on") it turns on the screen 10 seconds after screen shutoff (for me 30 seconds on). I've checked the settings, but can't find anything that would cause this... if i can't solve it i'm going to switch apps. I would like something with aim and yim, and always connected because i need to stay in touch with production in mexico and calling is 'spensive.

    any ideas on the problem, next any ideas on a replacement?
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    Actually I used to use Verichat when I had my Treo 300. I had quite a few issues, including this one. The other one was getting spammed with messages from buddies that I had received on my computer from past conversations. If you didn't register, I suggest switching to Causier (sp?). Get it at I have yet to have problems with it.
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    I had the same problem with Verichat on my T600. Verichat was the root of a lot of stability problems on my device. It's a shame because the program has some nice features - just way too buggy. I ditched it and use Toccer (Only AIM). Don't have anymore stability issues. Don't know what you can do about YIM though.
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    Like I said, Causier ^_^
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    well, i installed causiere..... still did it...... uninstalled butler, still did it.... uninstalled minehunt... still did it... the only thing left on there after i got done was pocket tunes and something else.

    So here's something else i noticed..... when i'mplaying songs with pocket tunes, it doesn't do it. When i'm not playing with pocket tunes, but have verichat on, it does, when i'm not playing with pocket tunes, and don't have VC on, it still does it. I'm totally confused here, i just did a complete reinstall of ALL my programs a few weeks ago.... It didn't do it for the first few, and suddently..... BAM

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    ok, so it does it when verichat is off, it does it when the radio is off still..... i don't get it....
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    I wish I could help... I know I had that issue with verichat on my Treo 300 and I don't have it with Causier on my Treo 600. Verichat has never been on my Treo though. Maybe it's reminants of it still left on there.
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    well... i'm just going to have to do a clean install this weekend i guess.... and see what does it.... funny thing is.... it started apparently randomly..... no new appz... i don't remember any new settings.
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    I have that as well. I am using verichat and a lot of other softwares. I just can't figure it out what is causing the problem. So I did the clean install. Hard reset, installed everything back. Now the problem is gone.
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    You might also might want to check LightWav Pro/LightWav. I'm having the same problems. I got a *new* replacement 650 so I decided to load all apps one at a time. Guess what? LightWav Pro seems to be the cause for me. When the "enabled" is checked the phone lights up when it wants to. When I uncheck it, no more problems....
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