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    hey guys,

    i am interested in getting a mapquest type of application on my 650. ideally i would like to imput adresses and get directions or just look at in depth maps. i dont have a data plan so i would like to be able to do this all offline. also if possible FREEWARE is always better hehe (yah im cheap).

    has anyone tried any good apps that do some of this stuff. i have only had my treo for a month and absolutely love what you guys have done with this forum. thanks in advance.
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    I dont think there are any apps that will allow you to do that off line, it would be more expensive upfront, but you could put gps on your Treo, and that uses Satellite, not data.
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    realistically something with in-depth (or just readable) street maps of the western US, mostly california would be cool. i have seen some while searching but wanted to know if anyone has any and if so which ones work well. thanks
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    Kmaps...requires data connection though but you can save stuff to the SD card.
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    Try mapopolis. I think it is about $30 and you can put any map you want on your Treo. I use their Navigation software.
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    oh cool guys thanks. any freeware available? like simple city maps (los angeles)?

    edit: just checked out kmaps. looks like a cool program...the sad part is that i dont have a data connection. does anyone happen to have any maps saved on their card that they would like to lend me hehe
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    I happen to like Mapopolis but you have to shell out the $ for that. You could always use a trial of Softick PPP to use your PCs internet connection to hook your treo up to the net. Download all the maps you want to your SD card for kmaps and you're set. I forget how long the trial is for Softick PPP - you'd have to check. That would be a free solution.

    I couldn't imagine my treo without the data connection though!

    Good Luck!
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    genius idea. thanks. yah i cant imagine the possibilities once i can afford the data plan. thanks guys.
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    Another option is to use the National Geographic TOPO maps, but it's obviously not freeware...
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    If you use AvantGo (free!), you can just find a page on the web that has the desired map and add it to your AvantGo personal pages.
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